Tel Aviv - Ma´ariv House
A 5-floor office building spanning on a total area of approximately 8,750 sq.m. Maariv House is located at the junction of Carlebach St. / Menachem Begin Road / Lincoln St. / Yitzhak Sadeh St., known as the Maariv Junction, in Tel Aviv´s main business center. This junction is one of the busiest and most central ones in the city, crossed by access roads to and from Tel Aviv.
As part of the light railway project which has been started recently, there will be a demolition of Maariv Bridge and instead of it there will be a station for the light railway which will serve as a meeting point for two light rail lines, which would also gain unique access to the site.
Adjacent to the Maariv House, the triangular compound bordered by Carlebach St., Menachem Begin Road and Hahashmonaim St., the construction of a residential project and commercial center is in in advanced stages, after the former Wholesale Market was evacuated.

Future planning- A project for building a residential, office and commerce tower of approximately 60,000 sqm gross area. At the end of 2017, the plan was approved by the District Committee and is waiting to be deposited.