Access and use of The Israel Land Development Company Limited ("ILDC") Website (www.ildc.co.il) ("The Website") are subject to the following terms and conditions (hereinafter: "Terms of Use").

1. General
1.1.Any person who is visiting and/or watching and/or making use in any other way of the Website or the information contained herein (hereinafter: "The User") is hereby consent to the Terms of Use, without any reservation or limitation.
1.2.The purpose of the Website is to provide general and marketing information regarding ILDC or affiliated companies (hereinafter: "The company"). The information contained on the Website does not constitute a recommendation and / or an opinion and/or an offer to purchase or sell securities of the company or any product, and in particular does not constitute an "offer to the public".
1.3.The information contained on the Website does not exhaust the full data regarding the company and its activities and is not intended to replace the need to review the company´s prospectus, financial statements and other formal reports of the company.
1.4.There is a possibility that the information contained on the Website is not up-to-date or incomplete or include errors. The Company is not held responsible for imprecision, lack of updates, errors and omissions of the information.
1.5.As there are discrepancies between the information contained on the website and the information included in the formal reports published by ILDC from time to time in the reporting websites of the TASE and ISA (hereinafter: "The company´s reports"), the information included in the company´s reports overrides and is the only one that binds the company.
1.6.Any drawing, plans specifications and images included on the Website are for demonstration purposes only.
1.7.It is clarified that the information on the Website includes forward-looking information, as defined in the Securities Law, 1968, which includes, but is not limited to predictions, estimates, assessment and other kinds of information relating to future events and matters, which the extent their realization is uncertain and not solely under the Company´s control, and therefore, the Company´s forecasts may not materialize in case of material adverse changes. The Company does not undertake to update or change the foregoing predictions or estimates so as to reflect events or circumstances
that will take effect following the publication of the information on the Website.

2.Intellectual Property, Copyrights and Registered trademarks
All the intellectual property rights of any type and kind, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, brands, patents, commercial secrets, designs, on the Website and content including but not limited to the manner it is displayed and designed on the Website, drawings, charts, illustrations, pictures, maps, software, applications, graphic and other files, texts and/or any other material contained therein and/or in connection with the Website and the operation thereof (Hereinafter: "Information") and whether concerning registered rights or rights not yet registered, is the Company´s sole property and use of any such rights is permitted by the Company exclusively.

The User is prohibited from making any use including but not limited to making changes, copying, publishing, disseminating, transmitting, exhibiting, executing, duplicating, issuing a license, creating derivative works or selling any part of the information on the Website without the Company´s written and explicit consent to be given in advance.The User acknowledges the copyrights that exist in respect of the information appearing on the Website and undertakes not to make any commercial use of the information or any use contrary to the provisions in the international copyrights and conventions laws.

The Company´s logo and any other registered mark of the Company, whether stated alongside the mark or not, are registered trademarks and therefore the Company´s property, or brands owned by the Company, where use thereof is permitted solely to the Company. All other marks found on the Website are trademarks, or property brands of their proprietors, accordingly. No action will be taken likely to infringe property rights over trademarks or brans.

The Website may contain links to websites operated by a third party ("external websites"), it is hereby clarified that the company has no connection and it does not bear any liability in regard to the activity of the external websites and/or their proper operation and/or the content contained in them.

4.User´s Obligations and Liability
The user consent and undertake to make use of the Website in good faith and in accordance with the provisions of any Law and company´s instructions detailed below.
Using the Website constitutes the user´s consent and undertaking to avoid hurting the Company and/or any third parties through the use of the Website and to act or to avoid acting as follows:
4.1.The User undertakes not to upload, pull, transmit, distribute or publish information or other material that meets one of the followings:
4.1.1.Is likely to restrict or avoid others using the Website;
4.1.2.Is prohibited from publishing or using due to it constituting a threat, harm, insult, slander, libel, racist, pornography or other vulgar expression;
4.1.3.Is likely to infringe another´s property rights, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, privacy protection rights and/or any other property right;
4.1.4.Is containing a commercial of any type without express authorization to be given in advance from the Company;
4.1.5.Is likely to encourage, solicit, motivate or assist another to commit an act prohibited by law or likely to give rise to legal accountability;
4.1.6.Is containing a virus or other software likely to damage the computer systems.
4.2.It is clarified that the information contained on the Website is for personal and private use only and the User undertakes not to make commercial use of the information and /or for any profit and not to cause any violation of copyrights and /or any change and/or distortion of the information.
4.3.The User undertakes not to make any use of the information contained on the Website for the purpose of presenting it in the internet and/or any other kind of service without receiving the Company´s consent in writing and in advance and subject to the terms of consent as said, to the extent that such consent is given.
4.4.The User undertakes not to make any changes and/or harm and/or interfere in any manner in the source code of the Website and not to upload software and/or any other applications that might harm or cause damage to the Company and/or any other third parties. Also, the User undertakes not to use the Website in a manner that does not comply with any law and/or that constitutes forgery, change or erasure of information.
4.5.The User agrees and confirm that he is aware of the limitations of the internet regarding information security on the net and he exempts the Company from any responsibility regarding this matter.
4.6.The User hereby agrees to indemnify and compensate the Company for any damage, direct or indirect and/or any other expense the Company incurs regarding a claim/demand originating from violations of The Terms of Use.
4.7.The User agrees that in cases in which the Company deems that the User´s use of the Website does not conform with the instructions of the Terms of Use and/or any other law and/or in the event of special circumstances at the company´s sole discretion, the Company shall have the right to restrict or block access to the information (in whole or in part) to the surfer/s, temporarily or permanently, subject to the provisions of any law.
4.8.The use of the Website is the User´s sole responsibility.
4.9.The User agrees that any reliance on the information displayed on the Website is made on his own discretion and that the company and / or its organs and / or anyone on its behalf will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to the User and/or any other third party in relation to the use of the Website and reliance on the information contained therein.
4.10.The User is solely responsible for using the Website. The Company does not bear any responsibility or liability in relation to any malfunction, error or omission of the Website content. In addition, the Company shall not be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, consequential or incidental due to access to the Website or its use (including as a result of "Viruses") or due to any hindrance from accessing or using the Website or other while using the Website.
4.11.The Company does not undertake that the Website shall be available at all times and/ or that the Website´s will operate continuously without malfunctions and/ or hindrance. In addition, the Company may at any time cease to operate the site, whether for a fixed period or permanently, without prior notice.
4.12.The Company will not bear any liability for exposing details remitted by the User to the Website in the event of unlawful hacking into the Website´s computer systems.

5.Privacy and Information Repository
5.1.The Company undertakes not to provide personal details of the User, excluding in the case it if required by a Court Order and / or at the request of a State Authority and / or in the existence of special circumstances that require it, at the company´s discretion.
5.2.The Company is entitled to make use of the details provided by the User during his visit to the Website, for the purpose of analysis and delivering statistical or other information, provided that the said information will not identify the User personally by name.
5.3.Users who provide their details in the boxes intended for contacting the company on the various pages on the Website, hereby agree to be included in the information repositories managed by the Company according to the Privacy Protection Law -1981.
5.4.The Company may send to the User certain files that enables the Company to identify the User and User´s computer and use this identification data for the benefit of the Company or to the benefit of its business partners.

6.1.The Terms of Use and / or their update will take effect immediately upon their publication on the Website. The Company may update the Terms of Use, from time to time, in its sole discretion.
6.2.The update of the information included on the website from time to time, including by deleting information and / or adding information and / or updating existing information, at the Company´s sole discretion.
6.3.The activity on this Website and any legal grounds deriving from the use of the Website, including but not limited to the validity and interpretation of the Terms of Use will be governed by the Israeli law only, and exclusive jurisdiction to entertain any dispute concerning this Website is granted to the competent courts in Tel Aviv.
6.4.In the event it is determined by an Authority and/or competent instance that any given part of the Terms of Use is invalid or unenforceable, then those sections will be considered as replaced with valid and enforceable sections where the content thereof as closely as possible resembles the intention of the original sections and the rest of the Terms of Use sections will remain in effect.