The ILDC group is the oldest real estate companies in Israel and one of the leading real estate companies in Israel. It features a vast experience, high degree of professionalism, economic firmness and last but not least –originality and an audacious vision.

ILDC focuses in Real Estate, mainly- Shopping Malls, Logistic Parks and Urban Renwal, and operates also in the fields of Hotels and Outdoor Advertising.

The Israel Land Development Company (ILDC) was founded in England in 1909 by the Zionist Federation, as a tool for the acquisition and development of land in ERETZ ISRAEL [then Palestine, to become later the modern State of Israel]. In 1953 it was registered as an Israeli public company and since then, its shares are traded on the Stock Exchange.

In 1987 the control over the company was acquired by the Nimrodi Family, which holds approximately 68% of ILDC's shares.